Friday, April 30, 2010

caterpillar infestation

ALERT!!!!!!ALERT!!!!!! Recent news has shown that there is a caterpillar infestation and its spreading throughout the globe.....

the picture on your left >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
shows a caterpillar. the red blob you see there is it's head and it has a furry body.

Here's a little information on caterpillars.

Caterpillars are mostly herbivores while some are insectivorous (seems quite self explanatory). Most caterpillars have tubular and segmented bodies. Caterpillars grow through a series of moults; each intermediate stage is called an instar. The last moult takes them into the inactive pupal or chrysalis stage ( this whole sentence was taken from wikipedia). Caterpillars breathe through openings on their bodies called spiracles (all form 4 and 5 science students shud know this).

A caterpillar will undergo a process what we call metamorphosis. In this case i do not know if this species will turn into a butterfly or a moth. This diagram shud summarize this.


A caterpillar will turn into a pupa before becoming a butterfly or a moth. It stays as a pupa for around 2 weeks (i think). Then it will spread its wings and fly.......unless we kill it.

The lifespan of a butterfly/moth varies among species. But most would live only a week or two. This shows us that beauty on the outside only lasts for so long. so we shud appreciate beauty from the inside more.

Now, you would think that a caterpillar is such a slow-moving-harmless creature. But believe me when i tell you....they are fast.

Now back to this dangerous and unstoppable epidemic.

If you look closely....this is a picture of caterpillar carcasses in a small part in a drain. (this is like the quadrat sampling technique in biology). Just imagine this picture and multiply it ten times more in long continuous succession.

(Picture on the right) This is a picture of a leaf. Its not just a leaf though. it's more than a leaf. Its a caterpillar-filled leaf. A few trees have already been "harvested" by these caterpillars.

(Picture below) This is a caterpillar on the fence.

There are sources that say that butterflies.......ATTACK HUMANS!!!!! The world is in danger. We are all in danger. I would advice all lifeforms to spend their time with their loved ones. Shall we all observe a moment of silence one last time for our earth.

Reporting to you first-hand by kitkit. Until next time.....if there's still one.

okay.....i exaggerated.....there IS a caterpillar infestation but its just in my grandmother's home. And i'm positively sure butterflies don't attack humans.

For more information........check out these websites.

Monday, April 12, 2010

3 Months of FREEDOM (Chapter 3)



Before the results were out.....i spent my time trying not to think abt it. But sometimes you can't really help know like....have i done enough.....oh no....i didn't know how to do this question.....what if i don't do well and stuff like that.....but i'm glad that my family never put any pressure on me. They never once told me 'you must get straight A+'. They always told me that i should just do my best and its okay no matter what results i get. The problem was that the pressure came from myself. I have no idea why but i keep pressuring myself to do well. i get extremely nervous before and during an exam or even just a test. Well.....i had dreams of the day the results came out....and those dreams were...........weird. Difficult to explain....(you know how thinking back on your dream and it actually doesn't make any sense at all).


On that day, i actually came really early cos i was helping my brother out with the alumni thing (not that i helped that much anyway). I met a couple of teachers but not all. After a while....more ppl started to come and the school got crowded. It was great to meet up with friends again. Well.....we were told that if the principal comes back early....its bad news...if he comes back late then its good news. So we all hoped that he would come back late but that would mean we have to wait even longer. i took a walk with ara around the school just trying to lose some nerves. And then......the results was good news. I really thank God for all the help and guidance. I know i could never have gotten the results i wanted without God's help.


Now.....all the scholarship application stuff became like the most important thing.....but not for me though. the moment, i am really interested in studying music.....not the classical and performance kind but the contemporary and technical side like music composition, songwriting, audio engineering and stuff like that. I know i dun have the skill to be a performer. But i do enjoy music. FYI......there are tons of scholarships available and maybe out of 20, only one offers music. So it was extremely difficult to find. The ones that i did find had certain requirements that i didn't have. So, I didn't apply any.

Many ppl keep saying " apply for jpa" and all the other stuff. When ppl ask me what scholarships have i answer would be....i didn't apply any. And they would say WHY???? (with a very surprised tone). And i'll have to explain all over again.

To me, i believe that if you don't have the passion for a certain course, don't go for it. Or if you don't like the course even if it is the most popular course.....don't take it. I don't want to apply for sth i don't like and i don't have a passion for. I don't want to end up being trapped doing sth i hate for the rest of my life. We only live why not live doing sth you enjoy? What's the point in being a person who is rich but hates his job or life? Ppl keep saying apply for this and apply for that and what a waste if you don't apply. I'm just getting tired of it.

But whats worse is when ppl say like.....why so stupid.....and not just blame me but blame my parents for not pushing me to apply. That just really bugs me. i don't even know me....and you definitely don't know my parents....what right do you have to say such things....and why all of a sudden you become sooooo interested in what i do. It doesn't affect you at all. In your view it may be stupid.....well, many others would think that too. But im not trying to please them.

So i am going to form 6. i'm not looking forward to it though but it gives me a year and a half to work on my violin and piano. And if i do change my mind abt music, i will still be able to choose sth else. My family can't afford private colleges and form 6 is the best way. My parents recommend form 6 cos you'll learn many things and will give me more time to be more matured before making a decision.

But of course, everyone has their doubts. And mine is whether or not ill be able to cope with music. Am i good enough? Or is it what i wanna do or what God wants me to do?

i just really pray that in the years to come i'll be able to do sth i love and that pleases God as well.

Monday, April 5, 2010

3 Months of FREEDOM (Chapter 2)


i know its kinda lame....but i couldn't help myself....its not my fault. i blame it on the genes. haha. Anyway.....i've been watching many many korean dramas including the old old dramas. i din have much to do anyhow so i could actually just sit down and watch from the morning to night...with some breaks for meals and a bath......(not really healthy i know.....). It was one after another and usually these dramas have like 16-20 episodes so it'll be like 3-4 days for each drama.

Well.....i liked the humour and the romance in the show....but most of a huge critic of the music. Usually these dramas will have one or two really nice soundtracks but sad to say....not all. The music sets the mood and to me it is really important. lol. For these dramas, i personally like those that have a happy ending..(well you know...boy ends up with happily ever after and etc) cliche right? i know. But come on.....just imagine enduring all 20 episodes and in the last episode someone dies....then it'll be like....what's the point.

During the SPM season..... i had to bury my face in my books while my sister watched korean dramas in her room.....well....occasionally i would sneak in and watch but how much can you enjoy when you have like a huge dark cloud hanging over your head zapping you with lightning bolts telling you to study .....or else. lol. That's why i couldn't resist watching after the SPM. lol.

Here's a list of all the korean dramas i watched (but not all during these 3 months)
1. coffee prince
2. princess hours
3. my girl
4. hello my lady
5. save your last dance for me
6. my lovely sam soon
7. hotelier
8. boys over flowers
9. night after night
10. couple or trouble
11. Oh Su Jung vs Karl
12. yuhee, the witch
13. IRIS
14. City hall

After a while, the stock ran i turned to JAPANESE ANIME.....which is great as well. was watching DGray Man and now currently watching Full Metal Alchemist. Love the japanese language and the anime expressions. its really cool. haha. I'm now addicted to anime's as well. But i think its more of a continuation cos i already liked japanese anime a long time ago. Used to watch samurai X and cardcaptor sakura on tv. Then there was fate stay night and my favourites ouran highschool, naruto and nodame

here's another list
1. samurai X
2. cardcaptor sakura
3. ouran highschool
4. nodame cantabile
5. fate stay night
6. DGray Man
7. Fullmetal Alchemist
8. naruto
9. mai otome

i also became a gleek!!!!!!! haha.....glee is really cool and i recommend glee to all....

But i know......soon i'll be back in school and i wont have time for anymore of i shud just enjoy while i can....right?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 Months of FREEDOM (Chapter 1)


i started in january (late january). At first of course we had to sit for the 5 hour long lecture thingy and the worst thing was i was ALONE. i had no one to accompany sad.....but at the lecture place i saw jonathan. yay......finally someone i know. But he already finished his undang and stuff and was already practicing driving. But it was still good to see someone familiar. So i sat through the lecture (which was pretty boring). Just wanted to get through with it.

Oh ya......and my driving instructor speaks chinese. But he has to speak in malay with me. The embarrassing thing was that after the lecture......i was waiting to go home. My instructor actually sent his son to pick me up with a few others. His son doesn't know me. So he was searching for someone who has the surname 'kwan'. But of course he was speaking in chinese. so i waited........and he waited.......and he asked me if my surname was kwan (in chinese).....i didn't understand and i So embarrassing. But in the end i managed to clear things...kinda....... and went not to think of this ever again.

then was the undang test.....we had to study the textbook which i didn't i borrowed it from passed and had to go straight for the pra-L lecture.....but i think i kinda messed up the book......(sorry carol). Anyway......i didn't have trouble going home this time. and i got my L.

Then....on my first day of real practical driving.....i had trouble but managed somehow....but on the way instructor asked me to drive home....(not the whole way though). WHAT??????? on my first day!!!!! How was i supposed to drive on the road when all i practised was in the circuit.......on my FIRST day......but i reached home safe and sound though....phew...

Then...on my second day of driving......still haven't perfected the bahagian A tests. and all of a instructor asked me to take the QTI (this is like a trial test before the real test) WHAT???????on my second day!!!!! How was i suppose to take the QTI when i haven't mastered the basics and only driven on the jalan raya route once or twice. This was not fun. But i had no i had to do what i can....(which wasn't really good) parking was not good and so was my jalan raya....but passed.....(not to me though)..But i had to drive home after that and that was when i got into an accident. Nothing serious though. Just another car tried to overtake me and knocked the front of the kancil i was instructor said it wasn't my fault (hope he's right) but i think the other guy was blaming me. But since nothing serious happened....everything was settled........all this on my second day.

Then....the third day.....i was getting better....but still fumbling at times.....learned different routes for the jalan raya test.....and was told that my real test would be on the 12th of April.

one week plus after my third lesson (22nd March) instructor calls at like 6 sth in the morning.....i was obviously still my mum took the phone.....he told my mum to wake me for some driving....but i actually had already planned something on that day. i was supposed to go to james house to learn some ikatan for the upcoming king scout's camp (another huge headache). But my instructor said it was a must was my JPJ test. WHAT????????On the 22nd of March!!!!!......but he told me it was 12th April. He said he saw my name in the list or sth like that. FYI i was totally not ready......still fumbling at certain areas and not remembering all the routes and havent driven for a week plus. How was i supposed to take the test????? But my mum put her foot down and said no.....phew.....thanks mum. So i guess he would have to find another date which would probably be in May....haiz.....not our fault though.
i haven't gotten any calls from him since....maybe he doesn't want to teach me

On that day itself... i was on the way to james' house. my mum was driving. There was like a crossroad before his house and my mum didn't see a motorcyclist and i think the motorcyclist didn't see us too and............WHAM!!!!!BOOM!!!!CRASH!!!!!.....ok i exaggerated a wasn't that bad...but it was scary........everyone was alright though.Thank God everyone was safe.....
then... we saw that our car had a flat tyre. just great...but it was an opportunity to change the tyres.....and at that moment james wanted to buy his breakfast so he cycled down and saw he helped change the tyre....i helped was sort of

so.......i haven't actually had much happy experiences driving......i just hope i'll be able to pass the JPJ test........should be able to.......right?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

memoirs of an EX-student

What i miss most about secondary school life would be......

1. friends.......for sure.....what is school life without friends...can't imagine my life without friends. all the times we shared in class, out of class, all the crazy and whacky stuff in class, pradeep's jokes, our impromptu singing when teacher is not in class......who could ever forget? friends especially the rocks to be an ixorian...we have our ups and downs but i'm glad i'm a banana.....but not forgetting friends from other classes and juniors to bully..(or not)...

2. teachers......especially those who really cared for us. i'll definitely never forget them. although some really did not leave me with very good memories..(i'm sure my friends understand who).. teachers still make school life what it is. the funny experiences together with teachers and their occasional jokes. i really appreciate them a lot. Not just the teachers who taught me but also all those who have impacted my life in some way or another.

3. CF......i love being in cf. CF has really grown a lot and has definitely come a long way. I miss all the times we, as a family, laughed and learned and joked around. All the camps and meetings were the best. I pray to God that the CF will continue to grow in every aspect.

4. I'm gonna miss going to school in cik zalilah's car. LOL.

5. I'm gonna miss every second i had with everyone in school. May it bad or good.

6. SMKBM......the best school in the world!!!!! sure there are flaws but i do not regret going to bukit mewah. I just hope others get to experience the same great time i had in SMKBM. I also hope that the school will get better and not move backwards.

I guess i just miss school( feels weird saying this)...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Friday, September 18, 2009

Hairless but fearless (hopefully)

As most of you know by now, i've got a new look.

I was sitting with my friends studying for the second paper of biology when C came and told me that a certain teacher (let's call him X) is searching for people to be the victims. But i guess we were all busy studying until we saw X approaching. X walked passed us and stopped and told me to go behind the hall for a haircut after my biology paper. X even told a friend to remind me. I was like...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......but of course i didn't say it out loud..kinda. But anyway, i was not happy. This was maybe one of the only times when i wished the exam would not end. coz when it ended it means i had to go cut my hair.

Okay so even before the paper ended, X was waving to a friend of mine who was also as unfortunate as me. So in the end, i went. I really wanted to say sth to X but i couldn't. Haiz..... the worst thing abt it was that i had just recently cut my hair (approximately 9 days ago). So my hair......well to me at least...wasn't exactly that long. I mean give me a break. it's not like i purposely wanted to defy the school rules.

Well, when i came home, my family was not at all happy. Like i said.....i just cut my hair. So my mum just mentioned it to a certain teacher (lets call the teacher Y) who asked X the next day. And apparently, according to X, It was all a misunderstanding. X said that when X asked me to cut my hair, X was just joking with me. What?????? Unbelievable. X had ample time to tell me X was just joking. X thought i was volunteering. Why would i want to? So i lost my hair because of a joke. Great. Just great.

Well, i planned to stay home until my hair grew back but after a while, i couldn't care less. If ppl wanted to laugh then let them laugh. At least i can bring some joy to their lives. lol.